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At Quality Auto Centers, we take pride in offering the best customer experience to Roselle Park, NJ, Belleville, NJ and Union, NJ. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible each visit.

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Quality Auto Centers
Very nice, fair price, and they get the job done.
Quality Auto Centers
Brought a Groupon as a gift made a appointment. When the bday girl arrived the guy behind the register with glasses was talking to her in a rude tone and said you need to make appointment when she did. I called and made another appointment and i told the guy with the glasses what the make & model was and that I had a groupon. We get there Monday morning he hit me with another $25.00 To $30.00. I asked why didnt he tell me i would have extra charges. When I made the appointment? He said i dont have to tell you anything. What? A business not informing a customer of the total charges when they make a appointment especially when its a groupon is very unprofessional because I'm pretty sure they want to get paid during time of service. The customers should know how much money to have to make sure they can pay for they services. Groupon need to take this company off they service list because of the guy behind the register with the glasses with the horrible accent.

Business reply to this review:

This lady she came with 2015 camaro i never was rude i told her ur car take 6 quarts and her car take 6 and rake special oil filter all has been writing in groupon with the detail she gave me worse attitude she called me F you u F N i do t wont tosay exactly words is not myi cant put the minumim required on 2015 i never been rude i have the best google review and shes was really disrespectful by calling me the N word and the F word and u can tellby sayin thr guy with horrible accent i kay have accent abd this is usa we all equall
Quality Auto Centers
Worst place to take your car. I recently took my car in to get my brakes done and an oil change. Shortly after I brought my car to quality for service, my car started to drive differently. It was doing things that it was not doing before. It's a grubbing feeling when I drive and there is a flapping sound coming from the back that I did not hear prior to taking my car to quality in south orange. I always pay attention to sounds and other things in my car. I have had this car for 10 years now. This is not the first time I have experience this either. This is there way of making money off of you and it is not fear that I have to keep going back to those sorry as people who enjoys messing with other parts of your car that don't need to be messed with for you to take your car back for them to make more money off of you. I will never have quality service my car ever again.

Business reply to this review:

We have a 12 month 12000 mile warranty. She called me a couple of days after the work was done and said she had a problem, I told her to bring it right back so we can check it out, she told me she would think about it. I insisted to no avail. I am sorry for her trouble and would like to help her.
Quality Auto Centers
Went to this location on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 and was told they only have one mechanic and could not do my oil change. Suggested I go to Jiffy Lube. (Not nice). Came back later that day and was told they had a big job the one mechanic was working on and they would not stop just to do an oil change (did not ask them to stop). Again, they referred me to go to Jiffy Lube. I think this was unprofessional to suggest I go somewhere else when this place advertises that they do "Oil changes". Felt this to be disrespectful the way the guy spoke to me to insinuate they stop to do my oil change. Will never go there again.

Business reply to this review:

i dont know how miss oneil feltt that way because she came befor for in oil change and she was happy we did it that point bcz we had lift open she came back next time we swamped with ork no open left she dont wait or leave her carr . and i asked her to bring it other day but im surprised she complaing specialy i showed her all lift occupied with disable cars . i mean what i can do .
Showing 21-24 of 24 reviews
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